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Services Provided

We offer an extensive range of eye care services right in our office. If you have questions about a type of service that is not listed below, please contact us.

Complete Eye Exams for Adults and Children
We can examine patients of all ages and aptitudes to
diagnose and treat eye probl

Diabetic Eye Screening
We can detect problems in your eyes before they start
to damage your vis

Glaucoma Screening
If you have a family history or are older than age 50, you should have your eye pressure checked regularly.

Myopia (Nearsightedness) Control
We offer the full range of therapies to treat the deterioration of vision caused by childhood myopia.

Crossed Eye/Lazy Eye Screening
We can detect and treat all types of eye misalignment problems in both children and adults.

Cataract Evaluation and Treatment
We can diagnose and treat vision problems caused by cataracts in children and adults. If you are having difficulty driving at night and your eyes have trouble with the glare from bright headlights, ask about a cataract consultation today.

Macular Degeneration Evaluation and Treatment
We can diagnose and treat many of the vision problems caused by macular degeneration in older adults. If you have been diagnosed with macular degeneration or are suffering from decreased vision that is not helped by a change in eyeglasses, ask about a retinal consultation today.

Optical Dispensing
We can fit eyeglasses for infants, children, and adults.

Contact Lens Fitting and Training
We can fit spherical, dailies, toric, and multifocal contact lenses. We specialize in training first time wearers.
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